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Tote Board-Enabling Lives Initiative

Tote Board-Enabling Lives Initiative ("TB-ELI")

TB-ELI is a $30 million strategic initiative that aims to improve the well-being of persons with disabilities. Developed by Tote Board, this initiative will be carried out over a period of five years, in partnership with SG Enable and National Council of Social Service.

Embedding a distinctive, proactive and outcomes-based approach, the TB-ELI supports non-profit organisations and social enterprises through seeding of new ideas, pilot programmes, scaling up of evidence-based programmes and cross-sectoral collaborations.

This Initiative also seeks to share good practices and provides a platform for learning across the disability and social sector.

SG Enable Grant Call Process

SG Enable will administer the bulk of the funds from this Initiative, to fund disability-related projects in cross-cutting areas such as Data and Technology, Caregiver and Natural Support as well as Transition Management, through a grant call process.

Grant calls are expected to be launched around January and July, from 2015 to 2018.

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