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Wheelchair Ride With Care

CARING Fleet : Two words that renders a heartwarming slogan to a Singapore Tote Board-funded community project that provides specialised and dedicated accessible transportation for wheelchair-users and people who have limited mobility.

This pilot project, launched in Kovan in February 2010, is commendable for offering non-emergency transport service, working with VWOs (Voluntary Welfare Organisations), community hospitals, retirement, nursing homes to transfer patients to where they need to be.

In Singapore, in the absence of a totally integrated and seamless transport system, the only accessible transport for people with physical disabilities is either the taxi or specially dedicated door-to-door transportation to cater to their needs. But the reality, during a recessionary climate, is that many can ill-afford these services.

The big challenge is to thrive as a social enterprise but in the longer-term go on towards being a manageable and self-supporting transport-organisation, says Mr B K Ng, the executive director.

To publicise the introductory service, brochures have been distributed in the vicinity of Kovan, Hougang, Upper Serangoon, Potong Pasir, Pasir Ris, Tampines and Ang Mo Kio.

As much as they are conscious that it is a Made-for-Heartlanders community service, accredited by the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) and supported by the Tote Board and Singapore Pools, the Caring Fleet’s target is to offer state-of-the-art vehicles, with professional service, that stands out from others offering non-emergency transport service.

“We will work with VWOs (Voluntary Welfare Organisations), community hospitals, retirement, nursing homes to assure them that the disabled deserve modernity in transport,” said Mr Ng.

The Caring Fleet intends to offer leading-edge services that can transform the transfer of patients with physical disabilities.”

Likewise, noted Mr Tan, to be financially viable, they cannot ignore the need to look at other open-market channels of engaging in business by going on to the commercial arenas, too, with airport transfers, corporate connections, weddings, funerals and other special occasions.

“The middle-line is to come to an amicable compromise between charity and commercial-credibility in order to be sustainable. The dollars and cents matter a lot in offering a cozy service for the reasonable price,” he said.

For bookings and enquiries, please call The Caring Fleet at 628-18-118 or email