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About the Scholarship

Tote Board Scholarship For Non-Profit Organisations

In 2008, the Tote Board instituted the Tote Board Scholarship with a view to build capacity, in the areas of governance and management, and contribute to the development of professionalism in the social service and non-profit sectors.

The Scholarship targets leaders of voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) and non-profit organisations (NPOs) and sends successful candidates to internationally renowned universities e.g. Harvard and Stanford. Candidates typically can look forward to being exposed to the latest management ideas and concepts, emerging trends and challenges and new management tools that address them.

It was envisaged that upon their return, these candidates would in turn propagate the knowledge and best practices acquired and further elevate the overall level of professionalism in the said sectors. Since the inauguration of the scholarship programme, the Board has already sent 35 scholars to top universities including Harvard and Stanford. More details on our scholars can be found here.

Courses Available

For 2017, Tote Board has identified six courses that successful candidates could attend:

You may wish to refer to Tote Board's press statement on the scholarship programme for further information. Please submit any further queries through our Feedback page

Applications Closed for 2017 

Applications for 2017 are closed. For further information, please contact Mr Oliver Loke at 6216-8941 or email him at

Interviews With Our Scholars

Click here to find out more about what our scholars have to say about the scholarship.