Our Impact
Our grants have funded many worthy causes, giving hope and improving the lives of Singaporeans and the community

Our Impact

  • Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups
    Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups
    Tote Board strongly believes in providing equitable opportunities for the vulnerable groups, so that no one in need of help is left behind.
  • Resilient Community
    Resilient Community
    Tote Board has been a strong supporter of building a resilient community in Singapore, through promoting the wellbeing of individuals, strengthening family ties, and efforts to deepen community bonds.
  • Enhancing Quality of Life
    Enhancing Quality of Life
    Tote Board is committed to fund projects that will enhance the quality of life for all Singaporeans, through the creation of quality public spaces easily accessible and affordable to the general public.
  • Fund-Raising Events
    Fund-Raising Events
    Tote Board started a structured fund-raising programme in 2006 with the core purpose of galvanising and encouraging the community to contribute to worthy causes.