Our Impact
Our grants have funded many worthy causes, giving hope and improving the lives of Singaporeans and the community

Fundraising Events

Tote Board started a structured fund-raising programme in 2006 with the core purpose of galvanising and encouraging the community to contribute to worthy causes. The funding by Tote Board gives VWOs and organisations a boost to initiate and achieve their fund-raising targets.

Following an increase in its funding cap from $20,000 to $50,000 two years ago, Tote Board’s contribution towards fund-raising continued to be substantial and significant in FY2015, having pledged a total of $15.75 million towards supporting 315 events.

Tote Board’s funding helps the organisations build on their success, and serves as a catalyst to encourage more organisations and groups to step forward to raise funds, in order to better meet the needs of the underserved in our community.

In FY2015, Tote Board worked with various organisations in their fundraising endeavours, which included non-profits, educational institutions, private sector companies, arts groups and sports bodies, among others.

Through a wide range of activities such as stand-up comedies, theatre shows, operas, fancy dress contests, concerts and charity golf tournaments, these organisations closely engaged the public, lifting community spirit and building a more inclusive, vibrant and resilient Singapore.


The number of fund-raising events supported and funds pledged through Tote Board’s structured fund-raising programme have progressively increased over the past four financial years. Find out how you can apply here

Here are some of the recent fund-raising projects we have supported in the recent years :

TTSH charity ride 2016

TTSH Charity Ride 2016 

“In this tough economic climate, fundraising has become more challenging. The generous support from Tote Board and Singapore Turf Club really helps to ensure that the needy sick, especially the elderly under our TTSH Community Fund, can continue to receive timely assistance and support. We are very grateful for the helping hand every year since our first Charity Ride in 2011.”

Ms Eunice Toh, Executive Director, TTSH Community Fund



White Cane Community Day - "Guide Dogs Can Lah!"

“Tote Board's endorsement for our inaugural White Cane Community Day "Guide Dogs Can Lah!" on 30 September 2017 was especially important to the event's success allowing more than 500 sighted participants to partake in simulated daily activities of the visually impaired. With Tote Board's continuous support, Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd will be able to continue to serve and empower our clients.”

Ms Vanessa Loh, General Manager, Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd


‚ÄčThe Urgent Run 2017 

“World Toilet Organization (WTO) is proud to have the support of Tote Board for our legacy initiative – The Urgent Run. With Tote Board’s grant support, The Urgent Run 2017 has increased compassion and action for sanitation among our schools, young professionals and citizens. Moreover, you have enabled WTO to grow in 2018 so we can continue our mission to bring health, dignity and well-being for all.”

Mr Chua Hung Meng, Executive Director, World Toilet Organization