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Grant Management

The scope of work includes the research, development and implementation of grant programmes in the areas of Arts, Community Development, Education, Health, Social Service and Sports. We strive to work towards achieving the strategic outcomes of 1) providing equitable opportunities for the vulnerable groups so that no one is left behind, 2) building a resilient community by strengthening social cohesion during peacetime and be well prepared for crisis, and 3) enhancing the quality of life for Singaporeans through provision of accessible and affordable open spaces and enriched learning. The job scope includes the following :

  • Grants Policy and Research – Staff will work with stakeholders and partners to formulate forward-looking and pragmatic policies, frameworks and guidelines, based on rigorous sector analyses, sector surveys, ground-sensing and engagement with beneficiaries.
  • Grants Development – Staff will work with stakeholders and partners to identify, shape, curate and develop programmes to meet pressing needs aligned with strategic outcomes of Tote Board.
  • Grants Compliance and Governance Activities – Staff will design and implement robust governance and compliance framework, guidelines and processes, incorporating best-in-class practices and industry standards.
  • Grants Payments & Administration Activities – Staff will monitor performance and progress of grant programmes, evaluate and process grant payments, and submit grant management reports for management decisions.