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1) Is there a preference for qualifications in selected disciplines ?

We do not have preference for selected disciplines in qualifications of candidates, unless it is a professional requirement as stipulated in the job requirements. We believe in building and nurturing a multi-disciplinary and diverse team, ready to take on existing and future challenges. We focus candidates with the correct level of attitude, aptitude, experience and expertise, candidates who show organisation-fit and job-fit, and candidates ready to contribute to and grow with Tote Board.

2) Is there a structured career progression pathway ?

We believe in investing in our staff, to develop every staff to their fullest potential and to help every staff to succeed in their career. We empower staff to chart and to articulate their own career aspirations, through quality conversations with their Supervisors and facilitated interventions by HR of Tote Board. Staff will have the opportunities for vertical career progressions to take on larger roles and responsibilities and lateral changes in job roles for increased exposure in Tote Board.

3) Is the remuneration package market competitive ?

Tote Board manages its own scheme of service, which is closely aligned with the public sector. We conduct regular salary surveys and reviews to ensure the market competitiveness of our remuneration package. In addition, we also offer market competitive staff benefits.

4) Will I be informed of the status of my application ?

We will only inform shortlisted candidates.