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Tote Board Mental Health Strategic Initiative

The Tote Board strategic Initiative on Mental Health is a third area of strategic focus under Tote Board’s Strategic Initiatives. This follows the launch of the Board’s first two Strategic Initiative, Tote Board-Enabling Lives Initiative (TB-ELI) in FY14 and Capacity and Capability building (C&C) Initiative in FY15. These initiatives are part of the Board’s efforts to become a more impactful funder through development of targeted initiatives/programmes focused on an identified critical area of need. 
Through this initiative, the Board aims to support mental wellness and create opportunities for Persons with Mental Health Issues (PMHIs) to lead a dignified life to their fullest potential. This outcome is in line with the Board’s Strategic Outcome of providing Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups (in this case, PMHIs).

We have 3 programmes under this initiative:

Community-based Services for Children

Programme Outcomes:

(1)          Promote stronger networks and mentally resilient community for underserved areas of children and youth;

(2)          Improve early identification of MH issues in children and youth and promotion of help-seeking behaviour, empowering youths by building on their strengths and resilience; and

(3)          Increase accessibility of community based services to support recovery process and reduce impact of mental issues.

De-stigmatisation, MH Literacy and Employability

Programme Outcomes:

(1)          Increase understanding of MH issues and encourage more supportive attitudes towards PMHIs; an

(2)          Increase employability for PMHIs to pursue their career or personal aspirations, supporting them to contribute to the community.

Research to build Sector Capacity and Capability

Programme Outcomes:

a.            Improve research data to better inform policy making and programme development; and

b.            Develop outcome and evidence-based programme evaluation framework for sector.

The Mental Health Strategic Initiative meets the Board’s strategic outcomes of providing ‘Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups’ as well as creating ‘Resilient Community’ by promoting well-being.  We expect that this initiative will be a significant step forward in supporting the inclusion of PMHIs within society in the long term.