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Tote Board-Enabling Lives Initiative

Tote Board-Enabling Lives Initiative ("TBELI")

The $30 million Tote Board-Enabling Lives Initiative (TBELI) is Tote Board’s flagship Strategic Initiative in its journey towards becoming an ‘Outcomes Funder’. 

Launched in 2014, this initiative spans five years, in partnership with SG Enable and National Council of Social Service, to raise awareness of persons with disabilities and support projects that have the potential to make meaningful social impact by bringing together the technical and domain expertise of Social Service Organisations (SSOs), social enterprises and other organisations.

There is a Grant Call component, which is administered by SG Enable. The TBELI Grant Call supports innovative and evidence-based projects to bring about improved quality of life for persons with disabilities and their caregivers. Please refer to this page for more details.

TBELI also comprises a public education component – See the True Me Disability Awareness Campaign, which is developed with the National Council of Social Service. The five-year public education effort encourages Singaporeans to see persons with disabilities for who they are instead of the disability they have and recognise their strengths, with the hope of fostering more inclusive and caring society in Singapore.