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Fund-raising Programme (30th Anniversary - NEW)

Tote Board’s fund-raising programme was conceived in 2006 to serve as a catalyst to encourage the community to better meet the needs of the underserved in our community. The funding gives VWOs and organisations a boost to initiate and achieve their fund-raising targets. Since the start of the fund-raising programme, Tote Board had supported thousands of fund-raising projects to benefit the arts, community development, education, health, social service and sports sectors.


To be eligible for Tote Board's 30th Anniversary Fund-raising Programme, projects must satisfy the following criteria: 

a) Qualifying Period : 1 Apr 2018 and 31 Mar 2019 (FY18)

-Project start date falls within the Qualifying Period OR

-Project end date falls within the Qualifying Period OR

-Entire project falls within the Qualifying Period

b) Projects must satisfy the expenditure/income ratio of 35%

Fund-raising projects must meet the Boards' expenditure to income ratio of 35% and below, i.e total expenditure for the project should be 35% or less of the total funds raised for the project, excluding Tote Board's contribution.

How is Tote Board's contribution calculated

Example 1:

FR Case with E/I Ratio of =<35% but does not meet the Qualifying period

Example 2:

FR Case with E/I Ratio of =<35% and meets the Qualifying period

Example 3:

FR Case E/I Ratio of >35%

Project is eligible for funding

Project is eligible for Tote Board's 30th Anniversary Fund-raising programme, where the board doubles its contribution

Project is not eligible for funding

Project Expenditure (A):



Income from funds raised (B):$150,000


E/I Ratio(A/B):$30,000/$150,000= 20%


Board’s funding (capped at $50k):

= 20% X $150,000

= $30,000

Project Expenditure (A):



Income from funds raised (B):$150,000


E/I Ratio(A/B):$30,000/$150,000 = 20%


Board’s funding at double of current formula (capped at $100k):

= 20% X $150,000 X 2

= $60,000


Project Expenditure (A):



Income from funds raised (B):$150,000


E/I Ratio(A/B):$90,000/$150,000= 60%


Board’s funding:

= $0

You may download the FAQ here for more information, as well as the impact of our Fund-raising Programme here.

Submit Applications

Applications must be received by Tote Board at least ​one month in advance​ from the project start date. 

Download application form here and submit through any ONE of the following options

Option 1: Online Submission

Application Type:
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Option 2: E-mail


What to expect after application submission

Please allow processing time of up to 45 working days as we anticipate a high volume of applications. You will receive a letter informing you of the outcome. 

Claim submission

All supported projects are to submit their claims within 9 months of the project end date to Tote Board for processing. Cases shall be rescinded after 12 months from the final project end date, should there be no or incomplete claims. Claim submission details are enclosed within the claim form.