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Grant Calls -Tote Board Case Study Collaborator FY2018

About the Programme

Tote Board launched the three year “Case Study Collaborator” programme in FY2016 to commission a series of case studies that seeks to build the capacity and capability in the non-profit sector in Singapore. To date, Tote Board has commissioned 31 case studies covering non-profits from sectors such as disability, community mental health and skills based volunteerism. 

For this grant call, we would like to call for proposals in non-social service and non-health case studies, such as that of the arts, education, sports, community as well as capacity and capability building. We hope that through this grant call, we can bdowroaden the scope of our case study offerings beyond the social service and health sectors.

The case study should place the reader in the driver’s seat of a situation that non-profits may face, in key corporate areas such as governance, leadership, human resource, branding and marketing, innovation, IT, cost efficiency, service delivery etc.   The case study should highlight the opportunities, challenges, dilemmas and pathways that the non-profits might have undertaken. The case study should rely on primary sourced interviews with key personnel from non-profits in Singapore and individuals of interest.

The list of completed case studies can be found here. We would be selecting around 4 case studies for this final grant call in FY2018, to be implemented from 1 July 2018 onwards.



Tote Board aims to enhance knowledge and learning within the non-profit sector through the development of case studies in Singapore, as part of the broader strategic initiative to build capacity and capability of non-profit organisations (NPOs).



  • Enhance learning for non-profit organisations
  • Encourage a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Foster innovation / development of new models
  • Adoption of best-in-class practices for better programme and service impact


Selection process

Call for proposals

The call for proposals is opened till 25 April 2018 (Wednesday), 12noon. Shortlisted organisations may be requested to present to the Tote Board Case Study Selection Committee.

 Eligibility Criteria 

  • Singapore based Institutes for higher learning, Research based organisations, Network organisations, Consultancy firms (corporate/non-profit)2;
  • Be able to develop and complete the selected case studies, including the conduct of dissemination/learning workshops, in consultation with Tote Board and relevant sector partners;
  • Prior experience in working with the non-profit sector is preferred.
  • We would also be willing and keen to work with new organisations/ case writers that have yet to collaborate with us on the programme to uplift the sector capabilities.


Selected partners shall be informed of the outcome by June/July 2018, with the case study workshops to be held from 1 July 2018 onwards.


Selected organisations will: 

  • Identify key areas/themes related to the non-profit sector (non-social service/health case studies);
  • Develop case studies based on the identified themes, with learning areas (we are also open to partners suggesting ‘open’ topics, for the Board to propose in consultation with our partners); and
  • Conduct a workshop/learning session with non-profit organisations to share case studies and disseminate learning.

Two KPIs will be required

  1. Outreach: Workshop participants from at least 20 different non-profit organisations based in Singapore
  2. Impact: At least 60% of workshop participants rate agree/strongly agree for the workshop feedback



Download the application template here (DOCX, 15KB) and submit your application to Tote Board by 25 April 2018 (Wednesday), 12 noon. Please include any other relevant information. 


Interested organisations may refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (DOCX, 45 KB). Please contact Oliver Loke at should you have any further queries. 

Find out more on previous Case Studies here.

1 The non-profit sector comprises of social service, education, health, arts, sports and community development

2 Excluding Social Service Organisations and NPOs who are direct service providers