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About the Scholarship

Tote Board Scholarship For Non-Profit Organisations

In 2008, the Tote Board launched the Tote Board Overseas Scholarship with the aim of uplifting the capability and capacity of the non-profit sector, with a focus on improving the leadership, management and entrepreneurial capabilities amongst leaders of Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs).

The Scholarship targets leaders of NPOs and sends successful candidates to internationally renowned universities including Harvard, Stanford, INSEAD, Duke and Columbia. Candidates can typically look forward to being exposed to the latest management ideas, concepts, emerging trends and challenges and new tools to address challenges.

It is expected that upon their return, candidates will in turn, propagate the knowledge and best practices acquired, thus elevating the overall level of professionalism in the sector. Since the inauguration of the scholarship programme, the Board has already sent 42 scholars to top universities including Harvard and Stanford. More details on our scholars can be found here.

Courses Available




Harvard University (USA)

Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management (SPNM)

14 July - 20 July 2019

SPNM is a flagship executive education leadership program offered each year by the Social Enterprise Initiative at Havard Business School. Focus areas include: products, services and markets; financial management; and change leadership.

Duke University (USA)

Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership (ECN)

7 October - 11 October 2019

The ECN is a comprehensive program that offers experienced nonprofit professionals the opportunity to increase their capacity for effective entrepreneurial leadership through applied studies, executive skills training and reflective practices in an interactive learning environment.

INSEAD (France)

INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship (ISEP)

17 November – 23 November 2019

ISEP offers a unique opportunity for nonprofit leaders to focus on business skills and frameworks to attract support from stakeholders and investors for organisations to maximize impact and sustainability.

Stanford University (USA)

Executive Programme for Nonprofit Leaders (EPN)

Dates to be confirmed for 2020

The EPN brings together leaders from the various nonprofit sectors to further professional development and build an enduring network.


Columbia University (USA)

Developing Leaders Programme for Nonprofit Professionals (DLP)

Dates to be confirmed for 2020

The DLP exposes leaders to management concepts and tools to support their organization`s mission. Focus areas include critical skills such as planning and implementing organizational change, effective negotiation and self-awareness


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Interviews With Our Scholars

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