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Our Impact

  • Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups
    Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups
    Tote Board believes in a socially inclusive society that supports different ways for vulnerable members of society to fulfil their potential and enable them to make meaningful contributions to society.
  • Resilient Community
    Resilient Community
    Tote Board has been a strong supporter towards building a cohesive society with a shared identity, able to overcome major social fault lines with the capacity to navigate and prosper in the face of adversity and change.
  • Enhancing Quality of Life
    Enhancing Quality of Life
    Tote Board is committed to fund projects that achieves quality of life through a vibrant culture, active lifestyles and quality living spaces.
  • Fund-Raising Events
    Fund-Raising Events
    Tote Board started a structured fund-raising programme in 2006 with the core purpose of galvanising and encouraging the community to contribute to worthy causes.