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Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups

  • Inclusive Society, Enabled Lives
    Inclusive Society, Enabled Lives
    Although more people are gradually understanding the importance of inclusiveness, a significant number still see persons with disabilities as being less valuable to society. Ms Ku Geok Boon, CEO of SG Enable, hopes to change that through the work her team does at the Enabling Village.
  • Celebrate The Extraordinary
    Celebrate The Extraordinary
    If anyone thought that Ms Theresa Goh would let a congenital spinal condition stop her from becoming one of Singapore's most decorated athletes, they would be very wrong indeed. The forces that be may have taken the three-time Paralympic Games veteran's ability to walk, but they certainly couldn't take her spirit.
  • Care In The Comfort Of Home
    Care In The Comfort Of Home
    Taking care of her bedridden brother, Mr Lawrence Seet, was taking a toll on Ms Teresa Seet's own well-being.. At one point, Ms Seet felt she had no choice but to send her brother to a nursing home. With help from the Agency for Integrated Care, she was spared the painful decision.
  • Providing Care, Sharing Love
    Providing Care, Sharing Love
    Going through a painful divorce and facing financial difficulties, Mdm Adrianna (not her real name) was in despair and about to give up on life. Fortunately, she accepted counselling and met Ms Cindy Loh. With Ms Loh's help, her life began to turn around.
  • Inculcating Values Through The Arts
    Inculcating Values Through The Arts
    Fernvale Gardens School is the first Special Education (SPED) school to offer a Spanish dance programme to its students. According to its principal, the programme has not only brought smiles to the students, it has taught them many valuable life values.
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