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Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups

Extending Support to Vulnerable Families

A single mother of four young children, 35-year-old Norzalinah Binte Abu Hassan approached AWWA Family Service Centre (FSC) as she was having a difficult physical living condition. For two years, the family stayed with Norzalinah’s younger sister and her family in a two-bedroom rental flat occupied by three adults and 10 children.

AWWA FSC provided Norzalinah with financial assistance, food, parenting support and educational support for her children. Norzalinah and her family have since moved into their own flat, and she is now able to focus on caring for and giving her children the best education possible.

Ms Norzalinah with her children

As of June 2015, Norzalinah has found employment. She can now enjoy more financial independence and lead a fulfilling life. Her improved situation is in alignment with one of Tote Board’s strategic grant outcomes, which is to help vulnerable groups contribute back to society.

The AWWA FSC is one of many programmes funded by the Tote Board Social Service Fund. In FY2014, AWWA FSCs have served 728 families and 2,912 individuals.

"I am deeply grateful for the assistance that AWWA FSC (one of several programmes funded by the Tote Board Social Service Fund) has provided my children and me. The children are happier and more motivated by our improved living conditions. AWWA FSC has relieved much of our financial burdens. The children can now attend school without worries while I focus on improving our situation."
- Norzalinah Binte Abu Hassan, single mother of four young children

Tote Board provides grants for the social service sector since 2006

Through the Tote Board Social Service Fund (TBSSF), Tote Board gives a much needed helping hand to vulnerable families, children and youth, socially-isolated seniors and people with disabilities.

Set up in 2006 and administered by the National Council of Social Service, TBSSF provides funding for new programmes and capability enhancement initiatives as well as capital funding, which includes building/renovation works, furniture and equipment.

Since its inception, the Fund has seen a steady increase over the years in support from Tote Board, with a total amount of $624.7 million pledged to date.