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Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups

His Dream Fulfilled

He takes great delight in exploring and looking at mascots, and likes watching SpongeBob – an animated character from the popular television series among children. The 14-year old boy also loves singing and enjoys listening to music.

Diagnosed with epilepsy, a condition struck with a long-term risk of recurrent seizures, Abdul Rahman’s wish was simple – he wanted to have a staycation with his family.

On 20 April 2013, Rahman experienced his first taste of a staycation in Sentosa’s Movenpick Heritage Hotel. It was a dream made possible by Make-A-Wish (Singapore) Foundation, whose mission is to fulfil the requests of kids with life-threatening medical conditions.
The expression of joy on Rahman’s face was priceless as he skipped his way to the hotel. The boy squealed with delight, “I am so excited by the thought of stepping into the hotel. I have never dreamt that I can actually ever stay in a hotel with my parents!”
The avid fan of SpongeBob was also thrilled to meet ‘Patrick the starfish’ – the signature starfish in Sentosa’s SEA Aquarium, which is named after a fictitious character in the Spongebob series. Following the aquarium tour, a special birthday celebration was arranged for Rahman in the island’s butterfly park. It has been the most memorable day for Rahman, which ended off with the highlight of a staycation for him and his parents. 
Rahman’s mother said, “Though Rahman is unable to articulate his feelings, I can see that he is really happy. I am very grateful that Rahman’s wish is being met. We enjoyed ourselves very much, especially Rahman. He was smiling all the time and even now, he’s singing away and talking about yesterday’s party. It takes a great heart, time and effort in making dreams of these children a reality.”
Wish granting brings the vulnerable children renewed strength to battle their illness, and potentially produces a life-changing experience on these children and their families. The impact extends far and wide, involving communities and donors.
Dr Keith Goh, founder and board chairman of Make-A-Wish (Singapore) Foundation, said, “We cannot save everyone but we can create unforgettable moments. We cannot add days to life but we can add life to days.”

Make-A-Wish (Singapore) Foundation has granted more than 920 wishes since it was set up in 2003, or about 90 each year.

Tote Board supports fundraising events by Make-A-Wish (Singapore) Foundation. Proceeds from the fundraising will be used to run the foundation’s programmes.

In 2006, Tote Board developed a structured fundraising programme to encourage more organisations and individuals to take part in raising funds for community needs.