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Resilient Community

  • Active Ageing As A Way Of Life
    Active Ageing As A Way Of Life
    With an ageing population, it is more important than ever that our seniors keep fit, both mentally and physically. To encourage a healthy lifestyle, Sport Singapore came up with a great idea - bring exercise to the heartlands, and make it fun and engaging!
  • A Second Home
    A Second Home
    After Mr Hong Zi Kai became wheelchair-bound, he lost his independence and started cooping himself up in his flat. In Sunlove Marsiling Senior Activity Centre, with the help of volunteers, he has found a place to call a second home.
  • Delta League: A League Of Its Own
    Delta League: A League Of Its Own
    Xie Zhirong is not just a police officer; he is also mentor to a team of youth players competing in a league organised by the National Crime Prevention Council, known as the Delta League. Secondary school student Gordon Hoon is one such youth who has gained much Zhirong's guidance.
  • Expressing Hope Through Pain
    Expressing Hope Through Pain
    In Novermber 2015, at only 22 years old, Muhammad Khairul Ikhwan was diagnosed with Stage 4 colorectal cancer and given a mere two months to live. But Khairul didn't let his illness stop him from achieving his dream - to hold his own art exhibition.