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Tote Board Family Day 2015

Heavy rain failed to dampen enthusiasm as more than 7,000 people turned up for the event – Celebrate Singapore’s 50th Birthday with Tote Board Family on the evening of 4 June 2015 at the Singapore Racecourse, Kranji. Comprising families, young children, the elderly as well as beneficiaries of Tote Board Family, attendees enjoyed a night of fun, games and performances.

At the event, the staff from Tote Board Family hosted more than 450 beneficiaries from 24 charity and community groups to enjoy the carnival activities and celebrate Singapore’s birthday together. Volunteer welfare organisations (VWOs) and Non-Profit Organisations (NGOs) also joined hands to run a Charity Bazaar. Proceeds from the sales of handicrafts and works of art at the bazaar were donated to worthy social causes.

Other than the adults, little ones were enthralled by the fun line-up of activities ranging from traditional games such as five stones, tic-tac-toe, bouncy castle and face-painting, to amazing stunts from roving comedians. The event gave the public a rare chance to walk around the Singapore Turf Club. A mother of two said excitedly, “We’ve never been to the Singapore Turf Club and actually don’t live near here. We saw the advertisement in the newspaper and decided to come because the activities sounded so interesting.”

In addition to the bazaar and carnival, performances by beneficiaries funded by Tote Board, including a recital from Alexander Souptel and Friends of SSO and PA’s multi-cultural fusion dance, were played to a packed audience of Singaporeans of all ages. Youths were delighted by the special appearances of the cast of Ah Boys to Men - Jaspers Lai and Hanrey Low while the seniors were mesmerised by the getai performances by Lin Ru Ping and Hao Hao whom they are so familiar with.
The highlight of the night occurred when participants, together with Tote Board Family, set a new record for the Singapore Book of Records for the largest SG50 fan mass dance. In an exhilarating scene, Chairman Tote Board, with Board Members, Management Committee Members and Senior Management Team of Tote Board Family, and event participants enthusiastically waved fans carrying logos of SG50 and Tote Board Family, dancing merrily to the tune of American artiste Pharrell Williams’ worldwide smash hit song - “Happy”.

As the event drew to a close, attendees were given a limited edition NETs FlashPay Card, specially designed and produced by the Tote Board Family to commemorate SG50 and the Tote Board Family Day. It was an enjoyable night for all and highlighted how the Tote Board story is also part of the Singapore story.
“This event is a tribute and appreciation to the stakeholders, partners and staff of Tote Board Family. It is also an event to commemorate SG50, to celebrate our achievements and look forward to the future. We are heartened to see a tremendous good crowd, Singaporeans from all walks of life, beneficiaries from the charity and community groups and our partner VWOs and NGOs, who supported us in this event. It is a worthy gift to all Singaporeans on Singapore’s 50th Birthday,” said Mr Yong Fook Chyi, Director for Corporate Services, Tote Board.