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  • The Pinnacle Award
    The Pinnacle Award
    THE Pinnacle Award is the highest charity honour, acknowledging an organisation or individual’s unwavering support and commitment to the Community Chest.
  • 'Outcome Frameworks: Getting to Results' Seminar
    'Outcome Frameworks: Getting to Results' Seminar
    Over a two-hour session, organised by Tote Board, on July 2 at the Lotus Room at Singapore Turf Club, more than 130 leading social and charity managers appreciated how they could get the best results from Outcome Frameworks.
  • Project "Celebrate Wellness"
    Project "Celebrate Wellness"
    TOTE Board and Singapore Turf Club are playing prominent roles in fighting breast cancer, the most common cancer that afflicts women in Singapore. The incidence of breast cancer is about twice that of the next most common cancer in women, colorectal cancer.
  • Learning from the NKF saga
    Learning from the NKF saga
    WHAT led to the leadership crisis at the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) in 2005 which triggered a tsunami-like scandal in Singapore’s biggest social-service sector?