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'Outcome Frameworks: Getting to Results' Seminar

CHARITY leaders were given a rare insight into how they can pragmatically measure success in service standards.

Over a two-hour session, organised by Tote Board, on July 2 at the Lotus Room at Singapore Turf Club, more than 130 leading social and charity managers appreciated how they could get the best results from Outcome Frameworks.

Mr Mason, the Founder of The Centre for Public Innovation (CPI), stressed on the targets for customers from individuals, families, communities and organisations to focus on new ways to distribute money and to manage for successful social results.

The British-based CPI is one of the most dynamic European organisations working in the public sector to bring fresh ideas to long-standing problems in the statutory, voluntary and community groups.

With more than two decades of experience in healthcare as both commissioner and provider in Britain, Mr Mason, a behavioural psychotherapist, urged them to involve their people closely, to innovate effectively and to respond to change in serving the less fortunate.

He said the concept of Outcome Frameworks introduces creative thinking to public bodies that work in difficult social areas. It helps grow small ideas into approaches that make big differences and highlights the benefits that come when people work together for better outcomes.

He called for the stimulation of innovation with practical simple points used as guiding principles to inspire leaders and those wanting to encourage a culture for fresh thinking and new talent in the social sector.

“Defining meaningful measures of outcome remains a major challenge for us all and knowing the advantages of Outcome Funding will add greatly to our thinking,” he said.

The Tote Board is expected to launch a pilot project on Outcome Funding later this year with Singapore-based social organisations and report on the lessons learnt from the funders and beneficiaries in applying the approach to a wider range of service areas.

Among those who attended the two-hour seminar were Singapore Indian Development Association (Sinda), Mendaki, Health Promotion Board, National Youth Council, Council for Third Age, National Crime Prevention Council and Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports.

Peter Mason

Peter Mason is a world-renowned advocate in bringing about large-scale innovation even with public sector professionals to improve social results. He is the Founder of The Centre for Public Innovation (CPI) and the Founder of Secure Healthcare, Britain’s first social enterprise delivering high quality healthcare to prison inmates.

He is a respected international speaker and writer on how to commission and deliver the best outcomes for service users and how to bring about public innovation. He regularly works with government departments, health, local and service authorities and grant makers on a range of projects to support the achievement of this aim.

Mr Mason can be reached at