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The Inaugural Polytechnic - ITE Social Innovation Research Forum

Singapore Polytechnic played host to the first ever Social Innovation Research Forum on 27th April 2012. The forum was held to showcase the projects co-funded by Tote Board as part of the Social Innovation Research (SIR) Fund. 

In 2010, armed with the objective of championing social innovations to benefit the community, the SIR Fund was founded to improve the capabilities of the five polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education (ITE). Co-funded by Tote Board, the SIR Fund enables staff and students from these institutions to devise creative social and environmental solutions for sectors such as healthcare, special needs, the elderly, and the environment. 

Supported by the National Council of Social Services (NCSS), the inaugural Social Innovation Research Forum showcased 19 research projects from six tertiary education institutions. Various Voluntary Work Organisations (VWOs) were also present to share real-life challenges faced by the social service community. Guest of Honour of the event was Ms. Ong Toon Hui, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Communications, Youth and Sports (MCYS).