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Tote Board Annual Report 2014/15

The report contains a comprehensive enumeration of Tote Board family’s major activities and programmes as well as a series of stories on how Tote Board’s funding has improved the lives of Singaporeans.

The Tote Board family includes Tote Board, Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf. Tote Board exercises management oversight over Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club, to ensure that their gaming operations are safe and responsible, always bearing in mind of the potential impact on Singaporeans and society.

Since its formation in 1988, Tote Board has deepened collaborative networks with stakeholders and partners, to shape and curate worthy programmes to achieve the strategic outcomes – providing equitable opportunities for vulnerable groups, build a resilient society and enhance the quality of lives of Singaporeans. We are also committed to invest in capacity and capability building of voluntary welfare organisations and non-profit organisations, which in turn will result in higher quality and effective implementation of programmes to benefit Singaporeans. Tote Board strives to be a valued and impactful grantmaking organisation, with the interests of the beneficiaries in the centre.

The report is a culmination of our collective and ongoing efforts to achieve our compelling vision of “Giving Hope. Improving Lives.”.

View the Tote Board Annual Report in PDF (PDF, 10.2 MB) or Flipbook format.