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Case Studies

Synopsis of our cases

  • The Charities Accounting Standard: Implications for Singapore Charities

    By Chan-Ng Ai Lin, Wee Beng Geok and Ivy Buche

    Size: 343.60 KB Pages: 7 pages

    With the issuance of the Singapore Charities Accounting Standard (CAS) on 24 June 2011, charities in Singapore that were already complying with the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (FRS), were presented with a choice –should they continue to comply with FRS or switch to CAS? On the other hand, charities that were complying with the Recommended Accounting Practice 6 (RAP 6) (Revised 2006), which would be withdrawn, had to adopt a new accounting standard. Would it be FRS or CAS?

  • AWWA (B): Strategies for implementing change - Asian Women's Welfare Association of Singapore

    By Wee Beng Geok and Yang Lishan

    Size: 457.79 KB Pages: 9 pages

    AWWA’s Governing Board vision for the organisational transformation initiative was to implement a strategic policy over a period of five years for the charity that would cut across all its programmes and evolve as the basic rationale for plans and actions undertaken by AWWA members, employees and volunteers. With this in mind, AWWA’s corporate management team led by the CEO, set about revamping the organisation’s systems and processes, to realign these with the fundamental goals behind the ‘ONE AWWA’ initiative. Major mindset changes among AWWA members, volunteers and employees would be required to achieve this organisational transformation.

  • AWWA (A): Reorganising a Voluntary Welfare Organisation –Asian Women’s Welfare Association of Singapore

    By Wee Beng Geok, Ivy Buche and He Tingshan

    Size: 582.61 KB Pages: 14 pages

    The new Code of Governance for Charities and Institutions of Public Character (IPCs) in Singapore, stipulated new rules and best practices with regard to board members’ duties and responsibilities, fundraising, use of donations, maintenance and auditing of records, reporting and disclosure requirements as well as strategic planning and management controls. In response, AWWA embarked on an organisational restructuring initiative. With the implementation of the ‘One AWWA’ initiative, AWWA moved away from its origins as essentially a member/volunteer-driven organisation to one jointly managed by volunteers, salaried professionals and staff, but with a clear separation between the governance and executive roles. The challenge for AWWA’s leadership was to manage this transition in the best ways possible.

  • Society for the Physically Disabled : Managing Mission and Vision in a Non-Profit Organisation (Adaptation in Dynamic Environments)

    By Wee Beng Geok & Ivy Buche

    Size: 592.95 KB Pages: 19 pages

    The case is about the impact of the external environment on the operations of a non-profit organisation –Society for the Physically Disabled. The sustainability of its social enterprise operations in such a context is also examined. It describes how the charity managed the continuous adaptation in the implementation of programmes to meet the changing needs of beneficiaries and other stakeholders. A Disability Employment Network launched at a national level would require the charity to further fine-tune the founders' mission of providing employment to people with physical disabilities in Singapore.

  • Singapore Chinese Orchestra (B): Developing Corporate Partnerships

    By Yang Mei Ling

    Size: 190.96 KB Pages: 14 pages

    In 2010, SCO set about to explore ways to persuade potential corporate partners to use the orchestra as a marketing or branding partner to reach their customers and target audience, or to boost their reputation in the community. Key challenges included identifying the appropriate target corporate partners, assessing and enhancing SCO's appeal to them, as well as asking hard-nosed questions about what value SCO could bring to the table for pragmatic business decision makers in an increasingly competitive sponsorship landscape.