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Guide Book on Outcome Funding

Tote Board is pleased to announce the launch of its first-ever publication — Outcome-Based Social Programs: A Program Planning & Funding Guide.

About the Book (Download)


Tote Board’s journey towards understanding and embracing Outcome Funding began in 2009, when it engaged an international consultant for this purpose. Over the years, the Board has accumulated precious experience through running grant calls, evaluating applications, holding extensive dialogues with non-profit organisations (“NPOs”) and conducting research.

We see a need for a guide book customised for the local context, as we realised that when more NPOs practise Outcome Funding, there can be considerable benefits for them and their beneficiaries. It is for this reason that the Board has published a guide book to generate more awareness of the Outcome Funding methodology and principles, among NPOs.

This guide book offers practical advice on how organisations may plan outcome-based programs, the evaluation methodology, and also the limitations and issues to watch out for when embarking on outcome-based social programs. The Board sincerely hopes that this guide book will help NPOs embark on a successful journey of adding value to their programs, through the Outcome Funding framework.

About the Author

Wong Lin Hong is presently Executive Director of SE Hub Ltd, a social enterprise in Singapore that is funded by Tote Board. SE Hub is established to invest in Singapore-based social enterprises that provide products or services, or employment opportunities, to the disadvantaged.

He has 10 years of experience as a senior partner in a leading Asian venture capital firm, two and a half years in the mentoring and incubation of start-ups, nine years as a CEO in high-tech manufacturing firms and 11 years in the Singapore Economic Development Board, promoting the development of the electronics industry.

This guide book, aimed at both program providers and funders in the not-for-profit sector, is the result of Tote Board’s commitment towards enhancing the sector’s understanding of Outcome Funding, supported by Lin Hong’s meticulous research and extensive knowledge of venture capitalism.

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