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Join us in making a difference by giving hope to vulnerable groups and improving lives of all in Singapore.

Tote Board in the business of enabling positive change. Our grantmaking empowers vulnerable groups, strengthens communities and fosters belonging to build a vibrant and culturally rich nation home.

Want to make a positive impact on our community? Join us.

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Who We Are

Here at Tote Board, we are united by a mission to do good. We want to uplift our community by giving hope to vulnerable groups and improving lives of all in Singapore.

Our Work

Since 1988 Tote Board has funded over $10 billion in projects and programmes. We work closely with stakeholders and partners to identify social needs and challenges in six key sectors: Arts, Community Development, Education, Health, Social Service and Sports.

Our People

We’re a passionate lot here at Tote Board. Driven by purpose and energised by our  vision and mission, we work together to create the change we want to see. Find out what makes us tick.


Who We Look For

We want to make a positive change and difference in the community for a better tomorrow
We are looking for people who strongly believe in and are committed to our vision of giving hope to vulnerable groups and improving lives of all in Singapore.
We want to work with people who are empathetic, passionate, and motivated. The do-gooders, pay-it-forwarders, and contributors to a better community.
You are a self-starter committed to giving your best and delivering quality results on time. As a creative and enterprising professional, you’re willing to take risks and experiment. You understand that failures are a momentary setback on your way to success. You never give up an opportunity to learn and widen your perspectives.
You’ll live our values and culture, as a role model and an ambassador of Tote Board.

Management Philosophy

1. We believe imbuing Our People with a sense of mission and purpose at work in line with our Vision and Values.

2. We believe that life outside work is important. And that work-life balance is not a myth.

3. We believe that the sense of achievement one gets from fulfilling work contributes greatly to a fulfilling life.

4. We believe in nurturing and developing Our People to the best of their ability and achieve their potential.

“Our People at their Best - Energised, Purposeful, Masterful.“

Investing in People

We empower each and every person who works with us to achieve the best in what they do and who they aspire to be. We support Our People with the requisite competencies they need to do their jobs well and to be future-ready (Lyn Test)



We nurture and develop leaders who live our values, inspire us to work towards our vision and lead Tote Board into the future.


Great Workplace

We are committed to shaping a great workplace for Our People, to enable them to work in a collaborative, productive and conducive environment.

Our Culture


Living Our Values

We take pride in our Corporate Values. They underpin our culture and guide how we work and relate to each other-by demonstrating Integrity, Caring for one another and working in Collaborative and Enterprising ways.


Always Learning

We are lifelong learners who are willing to learn, unlearn, and relearn so that we have the competencies to be future-ready. We’re big on nurturing a growth mindset so we can better adapt to change.


Developing Expertise

We invest in the employability of Our People by providing opportunities to develop deep professional skills and experience. Our People are seen as masters and leaders in their chosen areas of expertise.

Our Voices



“Tote Board values staff development and places a lot of emphasis on training and upskilling."

Chen Yupo
Senior Manager
Corporate Services

“There are always generous colleagues who are willing to share their knowledge, and I feel comfortable approaching them when I need any advice."

Toh Chin Leng
Internal Audit

“The working environment in Tote Board is very cordial, and it's heartening to know the team is very approachable."

Cheng Qing Quan
Grant Management

“Being at Tote Board has given me access to learn more about vulnerable groups and it has inspired me to contribute more back to the community.”

Shann Low
Deputy Director
Strategic Planning

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Grant Management

The scope of work includes the research, development and implementation of grant programmes in the areas of Arts, Community Development, Education, Health, Social Service and Sports.
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Internal Audit

The scope of work includes the conduct of audits of Tote Board as a Statutory Board and its two subsidiaries – Singapore Pools as a private limited company wholly owned by Tote Board and Singapore Turf Club which is a proprietary club of Tote Board.
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Corporate Functions

The scope of work is to support the efficient and effective management and operations of Tote Board and to exercise due oversight and governance over its fully-owned subsidiaries – Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club.
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Internship Opportunities

We welcome students from ITEs, polytechnics, universities and other tertiary institutions (both in Singapore and from overseas) with a keen interest in the Vision and work of Tote Board to participate in the Tote Board Internship Programme.
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