Internship Opportunities

We welcome students from ITEs, polytechnics, universities and other tertiary institutions (both in Singapore and from overseas) with a keen interest in the Vision and work of Tote Board to participate in the Tote Board Internship Programme.

Interns will be given challenging and interesting projects, working alongside experienced Tote Board staff. Interns will have the opportunity to be exposed to the breadth and depth of work in Tote Board, as well as the priorities and challenges in achieving the Tote Board Vision. We embrace interns as part of our professional team and members of Tote Board family.

Selected interns may be considered for offers of career opportunities in Tote Board, after successful completion of the Internship Programme.

We will announce our Internship Programme via Careers@Gov. All internship applications are required to be submitted via the portal.


Members of Tote Board Family
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