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More than $10 billion approved in grants since 1988

Tote Board Group

Tote Board channels the gaming revenue from Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club, together with the collection of casino entry levy, to support worthy causes in the community.

We Give Hope

We help uplift vulnerable groups.

We Improve Lives

We provide accessibility to quality open spaces, strengthen communities and help build a vibrant and culturally rich nation.

What We are Proud of

Our grantmaking results in positive and sustained changes in the community. Here’s how we do it.

Bringing Cheer through Music


Xie Zhirong is not just a police officer; he is also mentor to a team of youth players competing in a league organised by the National Crime Prevention Council, known as the Delta League. Secondary school student Gordon Hoon is one such youth who has gained much Zhirong's guidance.

Delta League: A League Of Its Own
Caring and Cohesive Community

"All of us come from different backgrounds, so we learn how to respect one another. Also, even if you think the opponent is not good, you should not look down on them because out there on the field, everyone is trying their best."

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Gordon Hoon

secondary school student and Delta League player


The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a slew of challenges for many industries, including the social service sector. Tote Board's Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme provides additional support to charities by matching funds raised on both physical and digital platforms.

Enhanced Support for Charities Amid the Pandemic
Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Group

“During a global pandemic like COVID-19, such a programme from Tote Board is definitely sending the right signal to the social service agencies that they are not forgotten, and that even when the competition for funds has heated up, innovative and hardworking agencies will receive additional support from Tote Board to continue delivering its programmes and services.” 

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Tim Lee

Executive Director, Caregivers Alliance Limited


The nine-year-old bespectacled student is now ready to lead a normal teenager life, thanks to early intervention from Canossian School, a programme funded by Tote Board Social Service Fund and supported by Community Chest.

She Can Hear Clearly
Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Group

“I was scared when I first put on my hearing aids. But my parents and brothers talked to me and comforted me,”

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Jia Zhen


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