What Tote Board Cares About

We want to uplift our community by giving hope to vulnerable groups and improving lives of all in Singapore. We provide funding for impactful projects that work towards achieving this vision.

We live in a time of global uncertainty and disruption. Closer to home, Singapore also faces the challenge of globalisation, an ageing population, low birth rates and increasing levels of social stratification. Without any intervention, all of these will have a profound impact on every Singaporean, especially the most vulnerable members of our community.

To thrive against these challenges, we need to work together to build an inclusive, cohesive and vibrant society—a caring and compassionate Singapore that we can all be proud to call home.

This is why we do what we do.

We are the grantmakers for a better tomorrow. Since our inception in 1988, Tote Board has been working towards building a better home, a better society and a brighter future for all Singaporeans.

We work closely with partners from diverse sectors to provide opportunities and pathways for vulnerable groups, strengthen communities, and create vibrant and inspiring community spaces.

We support projects that align with our Strategic Outcomes, with a focus on the key areas that we had identified. Since 1988, we have approved more than $10.8 billion in grants, true to our vision of Giving Hope and Improving Lives.

Our Strategic Outcome

What we believe in drives how we create change

Our strategic outcomes are the foundational beliefs that drive what we do and give us purpose.

They help Tote Board to identify and curate programmes we want to fund; and understand the impact brought about by the programmes.


Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups

We believe in a socially inclusive society that supports different pathways for members of society to fulfil their potential and make meaningful contributions.



Cohesive and Caring Community

We believe in forging a common identity that we can aspire towards, developing our ability to thrive together, and caring for each other despite adversity and change.


A Vibrant and Liveable Home

We believe in building a nation home with vibrant community spaces that inspire a sense of belonging.

This is supported by - Capability and Capacity Building of Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) - the enabler which supports the growth of sustainable and effective NPOs in the long run.

Key Focus Areas

As a broad-based grantmaker, Tote Board works closely with key partners to identify needs and administer grants in six key sectors: Arts & Culture, Community Development, Education, Health, Social Service and Sports.

Based on research and engagement with diverse communities, we have identified the following focus areas that we believe are important in the next few years.



Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)

Persons with Disabilities and their caregivers face myriad challenges throughout their lives. Tote Board supports innovative and evidence-based projects that create opportunities and improve the quality of life for PWDs.


  • Tote Board-Enabling Lives Initiative (TBELI)

Since 2014, Tote Board has committed $30 million towards the TBELI initiative to raise awareness of PWDS and support them by funding projects that improve their quality of life. To-date, TBELI has supported 39 innovative projects from the community  in their daily lives.

  • See The True Me! Disability Awareness Campaign

This public education campaign urged members of the public to look beyond their assumptions of a person's disability, and see them for who they are. The campaign raised awareness around different types of disabilities and the issues that PWDs face in their daily lives


For future projects, we hope to complement efforts to help PWDs live independently, realise their fullest potential, help them to thrive within the community, and find meaningful employment.




Persons with Mental Health Conditions (PMHCs)

An inclusive and caring society understands the importance of mental health and is supportive towards PMHCs. This is why Tote Board is committed to creating opportunities for PMHCs to lead a dignified life to their fullest potential. We have funded mental health projects in the areas of community based services, public education, and research.


  • Inaugural Shared Gifting Circle

    Tote Board set aside S$2 million to convene a pilot Shared Gifting Circle to improve early identification of mental health conditions in children and youth. Our funding has enabled better access to community based services. This in turn supports the recovery process and reduces long-term impact of mental health conditions.


  • Beyond the Label Campaign

This five year public education campaign sought to change public perceptions towards persons with mental health conditions by raising awareness, addressing stigma and challenging harmful stereotypes around the issue.

We recognise that mental health is a fundamental pillar of overall wellbeing and look forward to supporting more projects that promote mental wellness in Singapore.


Beyond the Label
Children Wishing Well


Vulnerable Children and Youth (VCY)

We are committed to raising children and youth to be socially, emotionally and mentally resilient and to support them in realising their full potential. Our funding is aimed at development-focused early intervention initiatives, to inculcate values-based learning and create opportunities for youth-at-risk.

We recognise that the challenges faced by these youths are often complex and requires concerted and sustained efforts by various stakeholders and community partners.  Such a collective approach  has greater, far-reaching impact. To encourage this, we work on seeding links and enabling better collaboration across different agencies. While we have funded a couple of initiatives, we welcome conversations with interested parties with potential projects that demonstrate strong collaborative efforts to help our vulnerable youths.



Capability and Capacity building of Non-Profit Organisations

Non-Profits (NPOs) play an important role in the flourishing of civic society. They strengthen the communities they serve by complementing government initiatives and delivering essential social and health services – from supporting programmes for vulnerable families and youth, improving well-being of seniors, to promoting community arts, sports, and more.

Our position as a funder across sectors allows us to catalyse cross-sectoral collaboration and tackle social and community issues holistically. This allows us to move beyond programme-based funding to invest in the growth organisational capabilities and long-term sustainability of NPOs.


  • Tote Board Overseas Scholarships and Non-Profit Leadership Programme

    The scholarship sends successful NPO leaders overseas to deepen their management and entrepreneurial capabilities at renowned universities.  


  • Tote Board Non-Profit Sector Transformation Initiative

Tote Board established a $10m grant over five years to support NPOs in our key sectors in their transformation journeys to improve their organisational capabilities.


Scholarships and Non-Profit Leadership Programme

Funding Principles

Tote Board considers projects based on their individual merits and the general guidelines below:


  Check_Circle_Icon_1  Projects We Support

1. Project(s) that deliver upstream solutions for the benefit of a significant portion of the community.

2. Innovative and collaborative efforts that address specific goals or objectives.

3. Sustainable strategic partnerships with organisations that are pioneers in their fields of work and have a national focus.

4. Projects that fulfil one or more of our desired strategic outcomes.

Add_Circle_Icon_2Projects We Do Not Support

1. Project(s) that benefit only an individual.

2. Religious activities for the promotion of religion.

3. Political activities for the promotion of political ideology or party.

4. Commercial Project(s) for the purpose of profit-making.

5. Debt / loan repayments

During this period, our services will remain accessible and our grants disbursement will still continue. If you have a need or a query, please reach out to us at grants@toteboard.gov.sg. We seek your patience and understanding as we ride through these challenges together. Stay safe, strong and connected. 

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