Corporate Functions

The scope of work is to support the efficient and effective management and operations of Tote Board and to exercise due oversight and governance over its fully-owned subsidiaries – Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club.

    The job scope includes the following:
  • People Management

    We develop, design and implement people development and management strategies to make Tote Board a Great Workplace and to ensure a high level of staff engagement.

  • Corporate Communications

    We develop and implement mainstream and social media strategies and plans to profile the unique value proposition of Tote Board.

  • Strategic and Corporate Planning

    We work with stakeholders, Ministries and Agencies on policy and regulatory matters relating to the operations of Tote Board, Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club. We lead and oversee strategic corporate planning activities of Tote Board, with environment scanning and analysis, seizing the existing opportunities and preparing Tote Board for future challenges. We also work on the identification and mitigation of organisation risks.

  • Investment Management

    We work with financial experts and fund management professionals to ensure prudent management and investment of Tote Board’s reserves, with both medium and long-term planning and investment time horizons.

  • Corporate Functions

    We work on the policies, procedures and processes relating to the planning and operations of finance, procurement, information communications and technology, and office administration.

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