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Funding Principles & Strategic Outcomes

Funding Principles

Tote Board considers projects based on their individual merits and the general guidelines below:

We Will Support:

  1. Project(s) that deliver upstream solutions for the benefit of a significant portion of the community.
  2. Innovative and collaborative efforts that address specific goals or objectives.
  3. Sustainable strategic partnerships with organisations that are pioneers in their fields of work and have a national focus.
  4. Projects that fulfil one or more of our desired strategic outcomes.

We WILL NOT Support:

  1. Project(s) that benefit only an individual.
  2. Religious activities for the promotion of a certain religion.
  3. Political activities for the promotion of a certain political ideology or party.
  4. Commercial project(s) for the purpose of profit-making.
  5. Debt / loan repayment.

Strategic Outcomes

Projects applied directly to us should have well-defined and specific outcomes. Such projects can be a one-time or multi-year commitment. These projects shall fulfill one or more of these high-level strategic outcomes:

1. Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups
2. Caring and Cohesive Community
3. Vibrant and Liveable Home

These strategic outcomes help Tote Board to identify and curate programmes it wants to fund; and understand the impact brought about by the programmes. With an increasingly complex social landscape, we will continue to engage our partners and stakeholders proactively to identify and support strategic initiatives one or more of the outcomes.

Overall, we continue to have interest in seeking out new and improved funding approaches, with a greater customer-centric focus and emphasis on outcome and impact measurement.

Types of Funding

1. Apply to Us
If your project does not qualify for applying through our partners, you may apply to us directly. Learn more about this funding.

2. Apply Through Our Partners
We work with public agencies to help us administer some of our nation-wide pro


During this period, our services will remain accessible and grants disbursement will continue. If you have a need or a query, please reach out to us at We seek your patience and understanding as we ride through these challenges together. Stay safe, healthy and connected.