Who We Are


Established on 1 January 1988, Tote Board is a statutory board of the Ministry of Finance.

As a broad-based grantmaking organisation, Tote Board contributes towards building an inclusive, resilient and vibrant community through our grants.

    Tote Board channels the surpluses from Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club, together with the collection of casino entry levy, to support worthy causes in the community.

    Our Vision

    A caring and resilient Singapore.

    Our Mission

    We invest in the future of Singapore through effective stewardship of our funds. We ensure that our subsidiaries conduct their businesses in a socially responsible manner.

    Our Values


    Our Logo

    Positive and Approachable - that’s the hallmark of Tote Board, articulated in its logo.

    The lowercase font with its soft edges evokes a sense of friendliness and approachability. The crescent that undergirds the name forms a smile, symbolising the caring side of Tote Board and the joy it brings to people’s lives.

    While the colour blue represents professionalism and trustworthiness, the colour orange glows with warmth and humanity. Collectively, Tote Board puts its stamp as a professional and approachable organisation that values people.

    Tote Board logo


    At Tote Board, our vision is about building a caring and resilient Singapore. We steward the operating surplus from gaming revenue by supporting community-based projects for social impact.

    We support projects that align with our four Strategic Outcomes:

    1. Healthy lives and well-being
    2. Empowered communities
    3. Caring, cohesive and resilient society
    4. Sustainable and liveable home

    Trusted Partner

    We are committed to enabling and supporting the success and growth of our partners. We do this by: 

    1. Investing in longer-term strategic partnerships and providing funding security with flexible, reliable, and sustainable grants. This allows grantees to focus on what they do best—supporting and improving their communities. 
    2. Working closely with partners and grantees to enhance their performance, relevance and governance, in line with our Strategic Outcomes in order to keep up with the changing grant landscape. 

    Responsible Gaming

    Tote Board works collaboratively with the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Singapore to foster responsible gambling and reduce the prevalence of illegal gambling. We will ensure our subsidiaries conduct their businesses in a socially responsible manner. 

    Effective Counter to Illegal Gaming

    Responsible gaming is part of our DNA. 

    We  uphold our mandate to counter illegal gambling by providing safe, legal and responsible service offerings for people who choose to bet.  Player protection is a key pillar of our business strategy.  We work closely with stakeholders to achieve a balanced regulatory ecosystem.

    We are committed to conducting our business in a fair, transparent, and socially responsible way. We want go beyond meeting regulatory expectations to being recognised as a leader in responsible gaming practices.

    As the subject matter experts in our domain,  we keep abreast of global trends and international best practices, assessing their applicability for our business practices. We leverage technology and analytics to better understand our customers and competitors. 

    Armed with research and data intelligence, we offer strategic insights and work with stakeholders to develop effective strategies to counter illegal gambling.

    Tote Board is committed to ensuring the highest standard of corporate governance in the Tote Board Group, comprising Tote Board, Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club (STC). The Chairman and Board Members of Tote Board are appointed by the Minister for Finance. They are experienced professionals drawn from both the public and private sectors.

    In addition to its statutory responsibilities, the Board sets strategic directions and policies relating to the functions of Tote Board, ensuring that resources are optimally utilised to fulfil the mission of Tote Board. 


    The Audit and Risk Committee (ARC) of Tote Board includes representatives from the Board of Tote Board, Board of Singapore Pools, and Management Committee of STC. The majority of ARC members have the requisite accounting or financial-related management expertise to discharge their responsibilities and duties.

    The ARC assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities to oversee internal controls, financial reporting, compliance and risk management. This includes ensuring the adequacy of internal controls and reviewing audit plans, audit reports and audited Tote Board Annual Financial Statements. Besides overseeing accountability and audits, the ARC also provides oversight of the Tote Board Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework through regular risk management reports from the Management.


    The ARC has explicit authority to investigate any matter within its terms of reference. It also has full access to, and cooperation of Management. It has direct access to Group Internal Audit (Group IA) and external auditors, with full discretion to invite any Board Member or Management staff to attend its meetings. In addition, the ARC also meets with external auditors and staff of Group IA, without the presence of Management, during the financial year. Reasonable resources are made available to the ARC, enabling it to properly discharge its function and duties.







    The Group has established a structured ERM framework to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of strategic and operational policies and activities. The ERM framework, which draws references from ISO 31000 and COSO standards, provides consistent risk management systems and processes across the Group, identifying and managing risks that could impact the Group’s ability to achieve its mission and objectives. The ERM framework also guides the Group towards its desired maturity level of having an integrated approach to balancing risks with corporate strategy and objectives.


    The Board of Tote Board, supported by the ARC, exercises overall risk governance and oversight of the ERM framework. The annual risk review and regular risk reporting exercises, facilitated by the risk management function, are carried out by risk owners and Management, with key risks being reviewed and monitored by the ARC and Board. Strategic responses are formulated and monitored to address any risk gaps, and are built into the coming year’s strategy and work planning for the respective entities and Tote Board departments. On an ongoing basis, significant risk-related developments and incidents will also be reported and escalated to the ARC and/or the Board, where necessary.






    The Board ensures that Management maintains a sound system of internal controls to safeguard the interests of stakeholders and the assets of the Group. The Management of Tote Board, Singapore Pools and STC are responsible for the design and implementation of a comprehensive system of internal controls to safeguard assets, maintain proper accounting records and produce reliable financial information. The system includes defined responsibility and financial authority limits, segregation of duties, reconciliation of financial information, compliance with internal financial policies, financial regulations or government instruction manuals, and maintenance of proper financial records. The ARC ensures that a review of the effectiveness of internal controls — including financial, technological, operational and compliance controls, and risk management — takes place annually through various internal audits and related reports issued to the ARC. For certain projects or areas where independent expertise is specially required in connection with the review of controls, external professionals and service providers are appointed accordingly.





    The ARC has received assurance from the Management of Tote Board, Singapore Pools and STC that:

    • the financial statements are drawn up to give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of Tote Board and Tote Board Group;
    • there are adequate internal controls in place, which are operating effectively to provide reasonable assurance in managing risks, safeguarding assets, ensuring reliability of the financial information, and compliance with law and regulations by Tote Board and the Group.

    Based on the systems of internal controls and risk management established and maintained by the Group, work performed by Group Internal Audit and external auditors, as well as reviews performed by the management, the ARC is satisfied that the systems of internal controls and risk management are reasonably adequate and effective.




    Tote Board’s Group Internal Audit (Group IA) is an independent function that reports functionally to the Chairman of the ARC and administratively to the Chief Executive. Group IA is guided by the International Professional Practices Framework, as defined by the Institute of Internal Auditors. The adequacy of funding and staffing of Group IA, and its appropriate standing within the Group, is ensured by the ARC. The principal role of Group IA is to conduct audits that evaluate the reliability, adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls within Tote Board, Singapore Pools and STC. Group IA adopts risk-based auditing and works closely with external auditors to coordinate audit work. It provides stakeholders with reasonable assurance on the effectiveness of control and governance processes used in the management of risks and accomplishment of objectives.







    As part of the annual financial statements audit, external auditors conduct a review of significant internal controls. Such controls are mainly determined by the purpose of the audit and the scope of work under the audit plan. Any material non-compliance and/or internal control weaknesses are addressed and made known to the ARC, together with the external auditors’ recommendations. To maintain the independence of external auditors, the ARC reviews the nature and extent of non-audit services provided by external auditors during the year, and the fees paid for such services. The ARC is satisfied that the independence of the Tote Board Group’s external auditors has not been impaired by the provision of those services. The external auditors have also provided confirmation of their independence to the ARC.




    The Investment Committee sets and reviews policies relating to the investment of Tote Board’s surplus funds. It also reviews investment returns, performance of fund managers, as well as the appointment and termination of fund managers, investment consultants and other related service providers.



    Tote Board oversees its two subsidiaries, Singapore Pools and STC, including the appointment of the Board of Directors of Singapore Pools and Management Committee of STC, as well as the appointments of Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Pools, and President and Chief Executive of STC. Tote Board also provides internal audit function to Singapore Pools and STC.





    The Whistleblowing Policy provides a platform for partners, suppliers and the members of public to report on observed improprieties that involve Tote Board staff and/or its partner(s)/supplier(s). Tote Board treats all feedback/complaints seriously and will investigate when there is a need to do so. The Tote Board Audit and Risk Committee will review all investigation reports and take necessary actions.

    Types of Impropriety


    • Failure to observe a legal obligation
    • Miscarriage of justice
    • Concerns about the Board's accounting, internal controls or auditing matters
    • Breach of or failure to implement or comply with the Board's policies or the Instruction Manuals
    • Corruption, malpractice, acts of fraud, theft and mismanagement or misuse of the Board's properties, assets or resources
    • Conduct which is improper, unethical or in breach of the law
    • Abuse of power or authority
    • Serious conflict of interest without disclosure
    • Participation in or condoning a reputable wrongdoing through wilful suppression or concealment of any information relating to a wrongdoing


    Whistleblowers are strongly encouraged to provide their names and contact numbers to facilitate investigations. Further clarification are often needed and helpful in investigations into the feedback/complaints. The ability to investigate depends on the quality and adequacy of the information provided by the Whistleblower. Subject to applicable laws and regulations, Tote Board will protect the confidentiality of the Whistleblower. 

    Protection of Whistleblowers

    Except for malicious whistleblowing, a Whistleblower who makes a feedback/compliant shall be protected by Tote Board against any reprisal.

    If the results of an investigation show that the Whistleblower acted maliciously or did not act in good faith or submitted a feedback/complaint which he knew to be false, or without a reasonable belief in the truth and accuracy of the information, Tote Board shall consider to take appropriate actions against the Whistleblower.

    Reporting Channels

    Quality Service Manager



    Senior Director, Corporate Services


    Senior Director, Group Internal Audit


    Chief Executive


    Chairman Audit and Risk Committee


    Tote Board Office (mail)

    Chief Executive, Tote Board

    210 Middle Road, #06-01, Singapore 188994

    How and What to Report

    The submission of complete information is important and helps in investigations. Please provide the following, where possible:

    • Name(s) of person(s)/company(ies) involved
    • Date, time and location of incident
    • Frequency of occurrence of the incident
    • Value of any money or assets involved
    • Physical evidence
    • Any other information that may substantiate the feedback/complaint



    Mrs Mildred Tan





    A/Prof Ang Seng Bin 
    Head and Senior Consultant Family Physician

    Menopause Unit and Family Medicine Service
    KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

    Ms Penny Goh

    Mrs Penny Goh
    Senior Advisor
    Allen & Gledhill





    Mr Hou Wey Fook

    Chief Investment Officer
    DBS Bank Ltd



    Mr Aubeck Kam

    Permanent Secretary
    Ministry of Social & Family



    BG Narayanan Letchumanan 

    Singapore Armed Forces


    Mr Neo Sing Hwee

    Mr Neo Sing Hwee 


    Ernst & Young Advisory Pte Ltd



    Mr Ng How Yue 

    Permanent Secretary (Health Development)

    Ministry of Health



    Ms Teoh Zsin Woon

    Permanent Secretary

    Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth



    Mr Kevin Shum

    Deputy Secretary (Planning)

    Ministry of Finance





     Mr Tan Choon Shian

     Chief Executive

     Ms Rachel Tan

     Senior Director, Group Internal Audit

     Mr Jason Tan

     Senior Director, Strategic Planning & Finance

     Mr Keith Ng

     Senior Director, Legal and Board Secretary

     Ms Tan Su-Yin

     Senior Director, Grants

     Ms June Koh

     Senior Director, Corporate

    Singapore Pools


    Singapore Pools was established in 1968 and carries the twin purpose of combating illegal gambling in Singapore and channelling its surplus from its operations to Tote Board for giving grants to worthy causes. It was acquired by and became an agent of Tote Board in 2004. Singapore Pools is committed to being a responsible gambling operator that customers can trust - in 2012, it was conferred the highest accolade by the World Lottery Association in recognition of its responsible gambling practices. Singapore Pools is in a privileged group of being one of just three operators in Asia to achieve this certification.

    Singapore Turf Club


    Founded in 1842, Singapore Turf Club became an agent of Tote Board in 1988 and relocated to its current premises at Kranji racecourse in 1999. Singapore Turf Club channels its surplus from its operations to Tote Board for giving grants to worthy causes. The Club adopts a strong “Play Responsibly” stance. Through regular engagements with customers, it advocates a balanced approach towards enjoying the sport and thrills of horse racing, without adverse effect on customers’ finances or lifestyle. Singapore Turf Club offers horse racing as a sport and entertainment, with its racecourse premises used for wide-ranging recreational activities enjoyed by Singaporeans from all walks of life.


    Tote Board Group consolidated horse betting operations as part of business rationalisation to achieve efficiencies. Singapore Pools took over the management and operations of horse betting from Singapore Turf Club. Singapore Turf Club continues to manage and operate high quality horse racing. 


    Tote Board commemorated 30 Years of Giving to the Community with “A Good Day Out” on 10th Feb 2018 at Gardens by the Bay.

    “A Good Day Out” was a milestone event dedicated to the beneficiaries and social service organisations who have partnered Tote Board to Giving Hope and Improving Lives of all in Singapore. The full-day carnival includes disability awareness and craft workshops, fitness sessions, charity marketplace showcasing services and products from social enterprises, family-friendly play zones, interactive experiential areas by sector partners, as well as an exhibition on Tote Board. The event was graced by Guest-of-Honour, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong.As part of the commemoration, Tote Board also announced a new initiative in the fund-raising programme, which will set aside $50 million and doubles their contributions from $50,000 to $100,000 per project. This will be applicable for fund-raising projects implemented between 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019.


    In collaboration with the National Council of Social Service, Tote Board launched the “See the True Me” Disability awareness campaign as part of Tote Board-Enabling Lives Initiative.

    The five year public education effort encourages Singaporeans to see persons with disabilities for who they are  and recognise their strengths, with the hope of fostering more inclusive and caring society in Singapore. 


    Tote Board launched the Capacity and Capability Building (C&C) Initiative, a strategic initiative that aims to enhance the capacity and capability of the non-profit and social service sector to deliver effective programmes and better serve their beneficiaries.


    Tote Board launched a $30 million Tote Board Enabling Lives Initiative to help persons with disabilities and their caregivers. This initiative aims to raise community awareness of persons with disabilities, as well as support projects that have the potential to make meaningful social impact. It brings together the technical and domain expertise of government agencies, social service organisations, social enterprises, research institutions and other organisations.

    Tote Board was also the Development Partner of Enabling Village 


    With the aim of achieving considerable benefits for non-profit organisations and their beneficiaries via Outcome Funding, Tote Board releases its first-ever publication – Outcome-Based Social Programs: A Program Planning & Funding Guide.

    Tote Board extended its contribution towards enhancing sports for the communities in Singapore.

    The Board relocated from the Singapore Racecourse in Kranji to the new Singapore Pools building, enabling the Board to engage its stakeholders more proactively.

    It also attained ISO 9001:2008 re-certification for its core business processes.


    Tote Board gave out the fourth and largest tranche of the Tote Board Social Service Fund (TBSSF) over three years.

    To help non-profit organisations uplift standards of their middle and senior management staff, the Non-Profit Management Programme for the 21st Century (NPM21 Programme) was launched, in collaboration with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

    The first-ever Social Innovation Research (SIR) Forum was held to showcase research projects co-funded by Tote Board, which is part of the SIR Fund.


    The Board unveiled its new Vision and Mission, which serve as direction for the Board in attaining its goal of becoming a leading grant-making organisation.

    The Social Enterprise (SE) Hub was set up, with seed capital provided by Tote Board. SE Hub provides investment funding and incubational support to social enterprises, with the ultimate aim of achieving positive impact on society or the environment and financial sustainability.

    The Board launched Singapore's first ever MicroCredit Business Scheme (MCBS), in collaboration with POSB. The MCBS make available unsecured loans to low-income or unemployed Singaporeans - who may not be able to obtain financing through traditional banking sources - to help them engage in self-employment projects in order to earn a living.


    Tote Board launched its revamped website. The design came from a polytechnic student's entry to Tote Board's website design competition.


    The Board also received ISO 9001:2008 Certification for its core business processes, in line with its commitment to quality service and continuous improvement.

    Caring Fleet Services (CFS), a specialised transport operator for wheelchair users in Singapore is launched. CFS serves the wheelchair-bound with purpose-equipped vehicles at an affordable price.

    Tote Board gave out the third tranche of the Tote Board Social Service Fund over three years.


    Tote Board initiated and implemented programmes to uplift the capacity of the non-profit sector, particularly the social service sector. It also embarked on an Outcome Management Framework for projects in selected non-profit sectors, through the conduct of workshops and master classes.


    The Board re-branded itself as ‘Tote Board’ and adopted a new logo and tagline. The new logo, with its blue and orange hues representing professionalism, trustworthiness, warmth and humanity, also features a unique ‘smile graphic’ that reflects the caring aspect of Tote Board and the happiness it brings to people’s lives. Similarly, the new tagline, ‘Giving Hope, Improving Lives’ manifests the Board’s core purpose and contributions towards society.


    The Board made a contribution to the building of the new city campus of School of the Arts (SOTA), Singapore. Completed in 2009, SOTA is the nation’s first independent, pre-tertiary arts school offering a unique blend of arts and academic curriculum for youths.

    Tote Board gave out the second tranche of the Tote Board Social Service Fund over three years.


    Tote Board contributed towards the Sporting Singapore Fund, a fund to realise the vision of creating a sporting Singapore through cultivating a sporting culture among communities, achieving sports excellence and creating a vibrant sports industry.

    It also set up the Tote Board Social Service Fund for critical and strategic social service programmes, new start-ups and capital funding in the social service sector.


    In support of activities that promote community life, inter-racial harmony and inter-generational interaction, the Board extended an annual grant to all grassroots organisations.

    It also increased its support for the annual President’s Challenge.


    The Board acquired Singapore Pools (Pte) Ltd from Temasek Holdings. The donation function of Pools was consolidated at the Board, expanding its areas of support to include charity and sports.


    The Board funded the recurrent costs of The Esplanade –Theatres on the Bay.


    The Board began supporting the Ministry of Social and Family Development (formerly known as the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports) on Family Matters!, a public education programme on family, marriage and parenthood.


    To play its part in national education, the Board contributed toward the redevelopment of the Singapore Discovery Centre.


    An overseas community programme was launched for students of junior college and institutions of higher learning, with the purpose of building character in the areas of developing resilience and inculcating the spirit of volunteerism among the youths.


    The Board started funding towards The Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay arts complex, for a period of seven years.


    The Board began its partnership with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and subsequently the Health Promotion Board (HPB), on a series of national screening programmes and other public health projects.


    The Arts Grant for Schools was launched to nurture the love for the arts from a young age and to support the nation’s fledgling arts scene. The programme, which benefitted all schools and several arts groups, has since been expanded to include the institutions of higher learning.

    To complement Government’s effort in promoting research in Singapore, the Board also funded both basic and applied research at the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. It also funded a research scholarship programme subsequently to attract talents to carry out their research in Singapore.


    The Board embarked on one of its largest donation programmes - Computer, AV Equipment and Library Books Grant –made available to all schools to accelerate the adoption of information technology in schools.

    Funds were made available to local polytechnics and technical institutions for developing student and model projects that were beneficial to the industries.

    The Board gave its first contribution toward the construction and upgrading of community centres/clubs.

    In addition, the Board set up its first reversionary trust fund for the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Similar funds were set up subsequently in 1993 and 1996, for the Singapore Dance Theatre and the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, respectively.


    Singapore Totalisator Board (the Board) was established on 1 January as a statutory board under the purview of the Ministry of Finance (MOF).

    It took over the conduct of totalisators and 4-digit forecast draws from Singapore Turf Club. The other core purpose of the Board was to channel the surpluses generated from its business to worthy causes -- towards public, social or charitable purposes, and the advancement of culture, art and sport in Singapore.

    Members of Tote Board Family
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