Find out more about our grants and how you can apply through our partners or through us directly

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Projects applied directly to us should have well-defined and specific outcomes. Such projects can be a one-time or multi-year commitment. These projects shall fulfill one or more of these high-level strategic outcomes:

1. Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups

2. Resilient Community

3. Enhanced Quality of life

There are 3 types of Direct Funding which an applicant may apply for: 

1. General  Projects

For cases where your project meets Tote Board's funding principles and strategic outcomes but is not covered by our partner's programmes.

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2. Fund-raising Programmes

For fund-raising efforts by an organisation or on behalf of other charitable organisations. Tote Board’s fund-raising programme seeks to provide catalytic support to encourage the community to better meet the needs of the underserved in society. The funding also gives organisations a boost to initiate and achieve their fund-raising targets.

As part of Tote Board’s 30th Anniversary Celebrations, Tote Board would double its current contribution towards eligible fund-raising projects in FY2018 for the non-profit sector.

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3. Grants Calls

Announcements will be made when grant calls are launched. Click on the links below to find out more

2018 Tote Board Overseas Scholarship Application

Grant Calls - Tote Board Case Study Collaborator FY2018 

Shared Gifting Circles