Find out more about our grants and how you can apply through our partners or through us directly

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Projects applied directly to us should have well-defined and specific outcomes. Such projects can be a one-time or multi-year commitment. These projects shall fulfill one or more of these high-level strategic outcomes:

1. Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups

2. Caring and Cohesive Community

3. Vibrant and Liveable Home

There are 3 types of Direct Funding which an applicant may apply for: 

1. General  Projects

For cases where your project meets Tote Board's funding principles and strategic outcomes but is not covered by our partners' programmes.

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2. Fund-raising Programmes

For fund-raising efforts by an organisation or on behalf of other charitable organisations. Tote Board’s fund-raising programme seeks to provide catalytic support to encourage the community to better meet the needs of the underserved in society. The funding also gives organisations a boost to initiate and achieve their fund-raising targets.

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3. Grants Calls

Announcements will be made when grant calls are launched. Click on the links below to find out more

Tote Board Overseas Scholarship Application

Grant Calls - Tote Board Case Study Collaborator FY2018 

Shared Gifting Circles

The Mental Health Public Education Grant Call


Other Information

For organisations that do not have pre-existing bank account record with Tote Board, or need to update bank account details, please download the Direct Credit Authorisation Form (PDF, 27.4KB). 

For organisations that wish to change the scope and/or objectives of the project post approval, please provide information using the Appeal Form (DOCX, 14 KB) :

  1. Details and reasons for appeal
  2. Supporting documents to substantiate the appeal
  3. Form must be endorsed by the Highest Authority, or the Authorised Representative of your Organisation

Note: No changes to the scope and/or objectives shall be made without the prior written approval of Tote Board.

You may submit the completed form to