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Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme

Support of dollar-for-dollar matching up to $250,000 per applicant for grounds-up initiatives that raise funds to help the underserved in our community. Applicants that have fully utilised their $250,000 dollar-for-dollar matching cap from the Government can continue to qualify for Tote Board's 40% matching, capped at $100,000 per project, for eligible fund-raising projects during the qualifying period
  • Funding Cap :

    40% of the funds raised, capped at $100,000

  • Applicable to :

    Non-profit organisation, Corporate Organisation

  • Application Deadline :

    At least 30 days before the actual event date of your fund-raising project

About Enhanced Fund-Raising

On 17 Apr 2020, Tote Board launched the Enhanced Fund-Raising (EFR) Programme which increased its support for charities, and for corporations/community organisations fund-raising for charities, by:

  • Matching funds raised on approved digital fund-raising platforms (in addition to continuing to match funds raised on physical platforms); and  
  • Doubling Tote Board’s matching contribution from 20% to 40% of the funds raised, capped at $100,000, for each eligible fund-raising project.




On 26 May 2020, the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Heng Swee Keat, announced that the Government will increase the matching amount, to provide successful EFR applicants with a dollar-for-dollar matching, capped at $250,000 per applicant, as illustrated below:


EFR Image 1


EFR applicants that have fully utilised their $250,000 dollar-for-dollar matching cap can continue to qualify for Tote Board’s 40% matching, capped at $100,000 per project, for eligible fund-raising projects during the qualifying period.


EFR Image 2

Tote Board’s EFR programme, and the additional Government matching, are applicable for fund-raising projects conducted between 1 April 2020 and 31 Mar 2021 (both dates inclusive).

With this expansion in scope of the Programme, Tote Board will support eligible projects raising funds through physical platforms and/or approved digital fund-raising platforms1. Some examples of these fund-raising activities include Charity Walks, Charity Golf events, Gala Dinners, Fun Fairs, Walkathons, Charity Auctions, Flag Days etc. It also includes purely digital fund-raising campaigns (i.e. online campaigns without an accompanying physical event) conducted on the charity’s website.

1 Approved digital fund-raising platforms are: (A) Crowdfunding platforms which have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Commissioner of Charities to comply with the Code of Practice for Charitable Online Fund-Raising. As at 29 May 2020, there are four platforms:,, and; (B) Charity’s corporate website with a digital fund-raising platform


Check Your Eligibility


Fund-raising projects should be for local charitable causes,and they should have well-defined outcomes that support Tote Board’s strategic outcomes, namely:

✔ Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups
✔ Cohesive and Caring Community
✔ Vibrant and Liveable Home

The following will not be eligible:

✔ Debt/loan repayments;
✔ Religious, political, and/or ideological activities;
✔ Commercial project(s) for the sole purpose of profit-making; and
✔ Project(s) that benefit only an individual


EFR supports the fund-raising efforts for the following charitable causes:

✔ Arts and Culture
✔ Community Development
✔ Community Health
✔ Education
✔ Social Service
✔ Sports
✔ Others


Project must satisfy the Expenditure/Income (E/I) ratio^ of 35% or less

The Board funds up to $100,000 per approved application and matches 40% of the funds raised for projects that meet the 35% E/I ratio. The total expenditure for the fund-raising project should be 35% or less of the total funds raised for the project, excluding Tote Board’s contribution and the Government's additional EFR matching.

*All income and expenditure (excluding in-kind items/contributions) are to be reported on a gross basis (i.e. no netting-off of items).
^Please note that calculations of the E/I ratio will be rounded up.

Use the calculator to check the E/I ratio and potential funding amount.

Check if your project is eligible to be funded
E/I Ratio


If Eligible You Will receive



The Fund-raising project should not have benefited from other government matching grants.

Only fund-raising projects that have not applied for and benefited from other Government matching grants (e.g. Bicentennial Community Fund, Community Silver Trust, Community Capability Trust, Cultural Matching Fund, One Team Singapore Fund) will be considered for EFR matching. For further clarification, please refer to the FAQs.


In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may wish to consider using one of the approved digital crowdfunding platforms for your digital fund-raising projects, namely:

✔ Crowdfunding platforms which have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Commissioner of Charities to comply with the Code of Practice for Charitable Online Fund-raising. Currently, there are four platforms, namely:,,, and Please note that each of the platforms have differentiated charges.

✔ Charity’s corporate website with a digital fund-raising platform.

Do note that funds raised on non-approved digital platforms will not be eligible for Tote Board’s funding.

Kindly note that each project application will be subject to Tote Board’s approval. Tote Board retains the right to reject any application if it does not meet our funding criteria or supportable causes.

Important notes:

Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications early.

All income and expenditure declared in the Application Form must be specific to the particular fund-raising project submitted and should be reported on a gross basis.


After application submission, the applicant will receive an acknowledgement of the application within five working days.


Please allow processing time of up to 45 working days as we receive a high volume of applications.


An email notification will be sent out to inform the applicant on the outcome of your application.

Claims Submission

1. When do I submit a claim? 

Claims for all approved projects have to be submitted within nine months of the “project end date” 

If your claims are not submitted on time, or if they are incomplete, we reserve the right to withdraw our support for your project and to reject late claim submissions, amendments, and appeals.   

You can submit your claims ahead of the 9-month deadline, but it should not be submitted any earlier than the “project end date”. The project end date is the date on which your Organisation ceases raising funds/receiving donations and incurring expenses for the fund-raising project.

Please submit your claim only after the project has been completed and after all relevant transactions and documentation to support the claim has been finalised (for example, after all donations cheques have been encashed, and all pledges have been received). 

2. How do I file a claim and what do I have to submit?

a. The Statement of Accounts for all income and expenditure of the event/project certified true and correct by the Highest Authority or equivalent, or by the Authorised Representative, on Annex B page (PDF) of the claim form attached in the Approval Letter

b. The electronic claim form (in Microsoft Excel file format)

c. Audited Statement of Accounts (optional and if available)

d.Direct Credit Authorisation Form (for first-time claimants).

Please refer to our Approval Letter and Paragraph 5 of the Tote Board's EFR Terms and Conditions for more details of each of the documents to be submitted.

All submissions must be made from a recognised email address of the organisation and sent to For documents (a) and (d), the HA or his/her equivalent, or his/her AR, is required to certify the hardcopy documents using wet-ink signature along with the organisation stamp before scanning and emailing them to Tote Board (the person who had certified/signed the documents must be copied in the submission email).


3. How do I complete the Statement of Accounts template?

You would have previously received (together with our Approval Letter) a Statement of Accounts template in Microsoft Excel format that has been pre-populated with details of your approved event/project. Please only use the pre-populated template when submitting your claim so that it can be processed by our system. 

The items of income and expenditure declared in the Statement of Accounts should be specific to the approved event/project only. These items should fall within the approved project period. The approved project period is the period during which your Organisation will be raising funds/receiving donations and incurring expenses for the approved project.

All items of income and expenditure should be reported on a gross basis (i.e. no netting-off of items).


4. What are the documents and records that I should keep?


Proper accounting records should be maintained, and made available to Tote Board upon request, to support the claims submitted.

You are encouraged to use the Sample Template for Breakdown of income and expenditure detailsto track and keep a timely record of items of income and expenditure relating to the project, and to consider submitting it to us when filing your claim.

Do note that you may be selected for an audit by Tote Board to validate your compliance with the terms and conditions of our Approval Letter and/or to inspect your accounts and all documents necessary for us to assess the accuracy and completeness of your claims



Our Fund-Raising Contribution

In FY2013, Tote Board increased the funding cap from $20,000 to $50,000 for each fund-raising event. This increased contribution motivated organisations to raise more funds and in turn, better meet the needs of the community.

On Tote Board’s 30th Anniversary, we curated a special, one-off Commemorative Fund-Raising Initiative, doubling Tote Board’s contribution up to a cap of $100,000 per application.


Fund-Raising Events

Here are some of the recent fund-raising projects we've supported.

Falling in the Sky

World Toilet Organization (WTO) is proud to have the support of Tote Board for our legacy initiative – The Urgent Run. With Tote Board’s grant support, The Urgent Run 2017 has increased compassion and action for sanitation among our schools, young professionals and citizens. Moreover, you have enabled WTO to grow in 2018 so we can continue our mission to bring health, dignity and well-being for all.
Mr Chua Hung Meng Executive Director, World Toilet Organization

White Cane Community Day - "Guide Dogs Can Lah!"

Tote Board's endorsement for our inaugural White Cane Community Day "Guide Dogs Can Lah!" on 30 September 2017 was especially important to the event's success allowing more than 500 sighted participants to partake in simulated daily activities of the visually impaired. With Tote Board's continuous support, Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd will be able to continue to serve and empower our clients.
Ms Vanessa Loh General Manager, Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd


Applications must be received by Tote Board at least 30 days before the actual event date of our fund-raising project.

Kindly see the attached Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for further information.

Please ensure that you have read, understood and are prepared to accept Tote Board's EFR Terms and Conditions before applying.  


For matters relating to Fund-Raising Programmes, please email the Grant Management Division at

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