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Fund-raising Programme

Tote Board’s fund-raising programme was conceived in 2006 to serve as a catalyst to encourage the community to better meet the needs of the underserved in our community.  Since the start of the fund-raising programme, Tote Board had supported thousands of fund-raising projects to benefit the arts, community development, education, health, social service and sports sectors.


Fund-raising projects should have well-defined outcomes that support Tote Board’s strategic objectives, namely:

  1. Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups
  2. Resilient Community
  3. Enhanced Quality of Life

Some examples of these fund-raising activities include Charity Walk, Charity Golf, Gala Dinners, Fun Fair, Walkathon, Charity Auction, Flag Day etc.

The following will not be eligible:

  1. Debt/loan repayments;
  2. Investments or speculative activities/ transactions of any nature or type;
  3. Religious, political, and/or ideological activities;
  4. Commercial purposes; and
  5. Project(s) that benefit only an individual;


To qualify for Tote Board's funding, project must satisfy the expenditure/ income ratio of 35%. Fundraising projects must meet the Board’s expenditure to income ratio of 35% and below. That is, the total expenditure for the project should be 35% or less of the total funds raised for the project, excluding Tote Board’s contribution.



Example 1

FR Case with Expenditure/Income Ratio of =<35%

Example 2

FR Case with Expenditure/Income Ratio of >35%

Project Expenditure (A):



Income from funds raised (B):



E/I Ratio (A/B):

$40,000/ $150,000 = 26.67%

$90,000/ $150,000 = 60%

Board’s Funding

20% x $150,000 = $30,000



Project is eligible for Tote Board’s Fund-raising fund.

Project is not eligible for funding



Submit Applications

Applications must be received by Tote Board at least one month in advance from the actual event date. 

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For matters relating to Fund-Raising Programmes, please email the Grant Management Division at:


What to expect after application submission

Please allow processing time of up to 45 working days as we receive a high volume of applications. You will receive:

  1. an acknowledgement of your application within five working days; and
  2. an email notification informing you the outcome of your application.


Claim submission

All supported projects are to submit their claims within 9 months of the project end date to Tote Board for processing. Cases shall be rescinded after 12 months from the final project end date, should there be no or incomplete claims. Claim submission details are enclosed in our claim form and our notification letter.

Supported projects are encouraged to use the sample template (available here) to track and keep a timely record of income and expenditure relating to the project, and to consider furnishing it along with the documents stipulated in our approval letter when submitting their claims.

Proper accounting records should be maintained, and made available to Tote Board upon request, to support the claims submitted.