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1. Can we meet with Tote Board's staff prior to submitting the request for funding?

Meetings will not be required unless requested by Tote Board.

2. Does Tote Board set a funding cycle within a year to allow applicants to put in their applications?

No. Tote Board accepts and considers applications throughout the year. However, for annual funding, the proposal must reach us at least 6 months before the beginning of the financial year of the requesting organisation, otherwise once the financial year has begun, the funding for that year will be pro-rated at the point of approval.

3. Can I submit the same funding request to Tote Board, Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club separately for consideration?

No, an application sent to the Board will suffice as the donation function lies solely with the Board. All requests which are sent to Singapore Pools and/ or Singapore Turf Club will be forwarded to the Board for its consideration.

4. Will Tote Board still fund an event which is already over?

It is generally not our practice to do so.

5. If my organisation is willing to provide Tote Board with a naming opportunity if it receives funding, will it strengthen our proposal?

Though Tote Board would like to be acknowledged for its funding, funder recognition will not be a factor in our decision. (updated)

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